Bridgwater Shooting Club
Bridgwater Shooting Club

Club 'Outing' to Ling Shooting

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Wednesday 25th July 2018

Due to the failing light towards the end of the shoot, most shooters did not get to complete the DTL part of the competition.
Scores were therefore taken from the 25 skeet and 50 sporting targets only.

NameSkeet ScoreSporting ScoreTotal
Tom Claydon214667
Tony Perham224466
Martin Howe194665
Andy Sanders194564
Mike Hill204161
Chris Thompson184361
Richard Barnham213859
Rich Sully194059
Guillaume Bouffard223658
Al Thompson174057
Martyn Hill174057
Rob Deer164157
Guy Darling183654
Lee Thompson173754
Ricky Salway203353
Ian Pickering153449
Graham Bell153449
Ed Ryle143448
Jay Porter163248
Andy German163147
Bryan Fisher113344
Eric Pyrah172643
Garry Shaw113243
Chris Harris112940
Deb Daly142438