Bridgwater Shooting Club
Bridgwater Shooting Club

Bridgwater Shooting Club (Clay Section) Rules


  1. All members of Bridgwater Shooting Club (Clay section) must sign a declaration to state that they have not been prohibited from the ownership or use of shotguns. Inexperienced or prospective members may be required to undertake a minimum of one lesson with our Club Coach. Visiting shooters who are unknown to the committee may be asked to undertake a brief assessment and/or shoot with an established Club member.

  2. New members of Bridgwater Shooting Club (Clay section) shall have an induction to clarify Club rules, regulations and to assess their individual competency. The induction will be completed by a nominated Club official.

  3. Safety is the responsibility of all Club members. Please remain aware at all times and act with due care and consideration. If necessary, remind others around you if they disregard the Club Rules.

  4. Only standard manufactured cartridges of a fibre wad construction will be used. The maximum permitted load shall be 28gms, with a maximum shot size of 6. Self-loaded cartridges are not permitted. Shotguns must be safe and in proof.

  5. On the sound of a horn all shooting will stop and shotguns unloaded. Shooting may only recommence when another signal indicates that the ground is clear.

  6. Shotguns must only be loaded within the shooting enclosure and the shooter is ready to shoot. Semi-autos must be fitted with a visible safety device at all times when not within a shooting enclosure.

  7. Hearing and eye protection is compulsory for all shooters and spectators. The wearing of head protection is strongly recommended. The Club shall not be liable for any injuries sustained as a result of not wearing the required safety equipment.

  8. Traps may only be attended by a Club Official or those nominated by a Club Official.

  9. It is recommended that shotguns are carried in slips between stands.

  10. Shooting must not be undertaken when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  11. Any animals on the shoot site must be kept on a lead at all times. Minors must be adequately supervised at all times.

  12. If a 'misfire' should occur, keep the gun pointing downrange for a minimum of 20 seconds before opening the gun.

  13. All Guns will only shoot the allocated number of clays. Any deviation from this will result in expulsion from the Club.

  14. A maximum of two cartridges may be loaded into any form of shotgun.

  15. Spent cartridges must be cleared before leaving the stand. Please allow time for semi-auto users.

  16. All parking is at owner's risk.

  17. Shooting may commence at 17:30 hours and finish at dusk, when help is appreciated in picking up the equipment and unbroken clays.

NB Copies available on request.March 2017

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