Bridgwater Shooting Club

Bridgwater Shooting Club Risk Assessment (Clays Section)

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Revision 4 dated 27th October 2016

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Cannington Range

Hazard Risk of Injury Severity (S) Likelihood (L) Risk Rating
S x L=R
Precautions to reduce the risk to an acceptable level
1) Site Traffic Impact/Crush Injuries 4 1 4 Traffic to keep to the designated route at below the recommended speed, parking of vehicles to be at the allocated areas.
2) Manual Handling Strain Injury 3 1 3 Assess item of equipment to be moved or lifted. Ask for assistance if the equipment is considered beyond the capability (due to weight or size) for one person.
3) Use of Quad Bikes Machine roll-over 3 1 3 Machinery to be only used by persons with a suitable level of competency, machines should not be used on excessive gradients or unstable ground conditions. The wearing of a suitable crash helmet is recommended.
4) Training of new Club members. Gunshot injury 5 1 5 The competency of new club members will be assessed by a nominated person, training will be given to new shooters and they will be accompanied by experienced shots until their proficiency is considered to have reached a satisfactory standard.
5) Use of Clay Pigeon traps. Struck by debris 3 1 3 Clay traps to be positioned to prevent excessive debris striking persons. The use of suitable eye protection is mandatory for shooters and spectators. The wearing of head protection will be advised.
6) Discharge of shotguns. Noise 3 1 3 The use of suitable ear protection is mandatory for all shooters and spectators.
7) Accidental discharge of shotgun. Gun shot injury 5 1 5 Guns are only to be loaded when at the designated shooting stand. Cages will be used as required to prevent excessive or indiscriminate movement and travel of the shotgun. Guns are to be "broken" when not in use (the use of "flags" for automatic shotguns is recommended). Preferably all guns should be stored in gun sleeves when not in use.
8) Footpath users Impact injury 3 1 3 Warning flags and notices to be posted at entrances. All shooters are instructed to stop shooting when audible warnings are used
9) General safety General 3 1 3 Club members and visitors are issued with a copy of the club safety rules and sign a declaration that they have read and will abide the aforementioned safety rules.
10) Clay/shot direction. Impact injury/gun-shot wound 4 1 5 Clay traps are to be arranged so that the direction of travel of the released clay (or the subsequent shot fired at the clay) will not strike a person. The traditional shooting guideline should apply "Only shoot where you can see!"
Revision No. Reason Date Author Signature Approver Signature
2 Amendment of items Nos.9&10 01/10/12 G.Bell
3 Amendment of item No.2 06/08/16 G.Bell
4 Amendment of items Nos.5&6 27/10/16 G.Bell signed A F Perham signed