Bridgwater Shooting Club


BRIDGWATER SHOOTING CLUB - 2021 AGM on November 7th 2021 at 13.00 at the Club Hut


Apologies for absence:
Mike Hill, Ed Ryle, Graham Bell

Tony Perham, Lee Thompson, Eric Pyrah, Justine Howe, Martin Howe, Jason Porter, Guy Darling, Tom Marlow, Ryley Barrett, Al Thompson, Amrit Bhoday, Richard Barnham, Bryan Fisher, Alan White, Dennis Marsh, Martyn Hill, Dave Dowse, Chris House, Mike Smith, Martin Tapp, Martin Pickard, Wesley Pickard, Andy Wagstaff, Dick Sully, Guillaume Bouffard, George Salter, Mick Puxty, Steve Parker, James O.

1. Minutes of last meeting 01/11/20 - to be summarized by Chairman and agreed by Committee.

2. Chairman's address/report for 2021.
Tony reported on how the new Covid arrangements had been successfully adopted and how smoothly the shoot operated, despite having record turn-out for months in a row. The standard of shooting improved, with many more people achieving a place on the 'honours board'. The side-by-side night was well supported, with 30 guns taking part. An interclub competition was held with North Newton, with catering provided by each club. Cannington won the event and there is a hope of adding another club to the group next year. The social and awards evening was held at The Globe, with dinner for 35 afterwards at The Saffron Restaurant and was very successful. All age classes are now well supported so we can look forward to a competitive season next year. Finally, a special thanks to Justine for all her hard work on the desk throughout the season.

3. Secretary's report for 2021.
It is wonderful to see members return for this season following the year off due to Covid 19. Due to the pandemic we adopted a strict "Card only" policy which, with the exception on glitch when I ran out of data, worked very well and I am keen to keep this policy in place for future years. It negates the need to bank hundreds of pounds of cash and makes banking so much easier. Could I ask that, when completing membership renewal forms that email addresses are clearly written or printed. A number of emails bounced last year due to the addresses being interpreted incorrectly. We have 98 members of the Club which is commendable but we may need to agree on a capped limit in order to ensure that those left clearing up at the end of the season are not doing so in the dark.

4. Treasurer's report for 2021.
Tony reports an increase in overall income, due to the increased number of shooters, along with the subsequent increase in spending on clays and cartridges. Membership income was also up, due to the increase in annual fees. Little was spent on equipment this year, but after insurance, wages, charity donations, awards and trophies, and other running costs, the net profit for the year was £5886.

5. Westonzoyland Section report for 2021.
Not applicable now since they are a separate entity with the exception of sharing some of the insurance costs.

6. Resignations, Nominations and Election of Officers and Committee

Invitation for new nominations: George Salter, Guy Darling, Bryan Fisher put themselves forward for election to the Committee.

Resignations: : Jason Porter, Tony Perham (as Chairman), Lee Thompson (as Vice-Chairman)

The other members of the Committee are all standing for re-election, as below.


Chairman - Tony Perham / Lee Thompson / Tony Perham / Tom Marlow

Vice-Chair - Mike Hill / Mike Hill / Justine Howe / Tony Perham

Vice-Chair - Lee Thompson / No longer required

Club Secretary - Justine Howe / Justine Howe / Lee Thompson / Martin Tapp

Treasurer - Tony Perham / Tony Perham / Jason Porter / Steve Parker

Current Committee (in addition to Officers named above): -

Richard Barnham, Martyn Hill, Jason Porter (standing down) Graham Bell

New Members:

George Salter / Guy Darling / Bryan Fisher

Resolution - To elect each member of the Committee Vote carried unanimously

7. Matters Arising

The Committee has proposed the following resolutions, for which we shall seek a vote to decide whether to adopt each.

Resolution 1 Addition of a ladies' toilet The proposal is to install a 'portaloo' for the use of ladies only, to be positioned behind the Clubhouse. Consideration on how to protect from vandalism may be required. The cost and implementation of such proposal shall be explored by the Committee.

For CARRIED: Logistics and practicalities to be discussed further by the Committee.

Against NONE

Resolution 2 To create a statement of intent to clarify the actions to be taken by the Club in the event that we should lose access to our shooting ground. The Committee proposes that the following wording be added to the Constitution of the Club:-
'In the event that Bridgwater Shooting Club (BSC) should lose the use of the current clay shooting ground, then all assets shall remain in the possession of The Club for a minimum of three years, whilst alternative locations are sought. If alternative accommodation cannot be found to run BSC and the decision is made to wind up The Club, then all assets will be distributed amongst charities, to be decided by the incumbent Committee members at that time'.


Against NONE

Resolution 3 To allow trophy winners to retain the Club trophies for the period up to the next presentation. This would require an undertaking by the recipient to preserve, maintain and return said trophies by 31st August of the year following presentation. Failure to comply with the conditions laid out in a contract, to be signed by each recipient, would result in significant financial cost, to cover replacement of lost items.

For CARRIED. Paperwork to be drawn up. Martin Howe offered to be a 'named guarantor' if such a scheme should be adopted, but we shall trial the 'agreement' option first.

Against NONE

Resolution 4 To change the age for leaving the junior class from 26 to 21. To qualify as a junior therefore, shooters must not have turned 21 on 1st January of the shooting year.

For All agreed but requires further discussion between Committee Members. Perhaps follow CPSA system. Colts/U18's. In any case Junior section age limit to be reduced to U18 or U21 years of age.

Against NONE

8. Any Other Business

Members are invited to propose any matters for discussion

Tom Marlow: Nominated Committee Members should receive free rounds in recognition of setting up. Committee members voted to keep the current "Reward system" of a half price round in situ.

Tom Marlow: Committee member or members should be given a "Life Time Membership" earned on Merit as a thank you for progressing the Club. The members voted and agreed that this should be considered and that the Committee would nominate prospective recipients as they deem appropriate. The merits of each nomination would be discussed at Committee level before being presented to the Club Members for consideration. Some sort of vote would then need to take place involving the Club members to confirm a nomination.

George Salter: Will tea and coffee be available next year? It was agreed that pandemic permitting this would be reinstated. It may also serve to encourage members to remain behind and help with packing away equipment. Club mugs to also be discussed at a later date.

General: One-way systems? It was felt that on the whole that this was good practice but members are encouraged to be in a position ready to shoot preventing "bottle necks". We all have a responsibility to ensure each other's safety and to make sure that whatever shooting system is in place it flows consistently. One-way systems to be considered where possible.

9. 2022 DIARY (All dates are provisional until confirmed)

Pre-season Work party Saturday 27th March 2022

Shoot Season 31st March to 22nd September 2022

Social/Awards eve Saturday 29th October 2022

Christmas Shoot 4th December 2022

10. Date of next AGM 6th November 2022

11. Close of meeting at 14.25

Pre-season meeting, 18th March 2021 via Zoom

Minutes of Meeting

Present at meeting-
A Perham, Mk Hill, L Thompson, J Howe, G Bell, J Porter, Mn Hill

1. Meeting opened at 19.00

2. Tony started by discussing general preparations for start of season. Insurance requirements were discussed and it was agreed to include 'Directors & Officers' protection. Graham agreed to add a Covid section to the risk assessment.
Tony, Mike, Lee & Jason will meet at the ground on Sat 27th March to prepare for our arrival on 1st April.

3. Next, the Committee discussed items that may need to be purchased prior to 1st April. These include:-
Clays - It was decided to use up the remainder of the old stock before receiving a large delivery.
Mike agreed to deliver a few in his van to cover any shortages in the first two weeks or so.
Lee is having all the batteries tested. We shall need to replace at least 3 batteries.
Lee will also check and replenish the first-aid kit as required.
Tony to order a skip to the site.

4. Special Covid-safe operation.
These special measures were agreed upon and will be implemented until further notice:-

To help with easing into the new season, we shall be operating a phased re-opening:-

Phase 11st & 8th April, will be open to EXISTING, PAID UP MEMBERS ONLY.

Phase 2 15th & 22nd April is open for RENEWALS of memberships.

Phase 3 29th April onwards, open for NEW MEMBERS to join from here.

Temporary measures:

Until further notice, the following conditions and restrictions will also apply:-
-The maximum group size will be 4 people (including spectators)
-On arrival at the ground, those who already know their group are asked to remain away from others and only approach the desk when all the group is present.
-Individuals who need a group may approach the desk and will be placed with others.
-We are accepting CARD PAYMENT ONLY.
-Single rounds only, will be permitted.
-Please bring your own pens/pencils and boards. We will not provide them.
-Scorecards should be deposited in a box provided, and you should leave the ground promptly when you have finished your round.

It is the responsibility of ALL present to maintain social distancing and to comply with all Government restrictions. You do not have to wear a mask, but may do so if you wish.

Sanitizer will be provided at each shooting station and at the reception desk.

5.Other Matters:-
Tony to print a quantity of membership forms since we shall require ALL members to fill out an up-to-date form/declaration this year. Young shooters will be able to join the club free of the joining fee if joining before their 18th birthday.
Details to be posted in the 'Tariffs' section.

6. Meeting closed at 20.20.

BRIDGWATER SHOOTING CLUB - 2020 AGM on November 1st 2020 at 19.00, held via Zoom.

Meeting opened at 19.00

Apologies for absence:
There were no apologies for absence

Tony Perham, Justine Howe, Mike Hill, Lee Thompson, Richard Barnham, Graham Bell, Jason Porter, Martyn Hill and joined by George Allen and Tom Marlow

1. Minutes of last meeting 03/11/19 - to be summarized by Chairman.
Tony summarized the 2019 minutes and drew attention to the fact that a number of new rules intended to be trialled this season will now get their debut in 2021. We will remind everybody of these before April next year.

2. Chairman's address/report for 2020.
Tony noted that there was little to report on due to the Covid closure but did mention the two all-round shoots held at Ling Shooting. He reported that the Committee considered options for re-opening in August/September, but we could not get enough help with set-up. Special mention was made of the offers of help from Chris Harris and Dennis Marsh, for which we thank them.

3. Secretary's report for 2020.
Justine reported that Memberships were down slightly as nobody joined after April. She said that Niamh would not be available to man the desk next year, but that she would cover most of that herself.

4. Treasurer's report for 2020.
Graham reported total expenditure of around £3000 despite not being open. This is because of pre-season works done on all the traps and the servicing of both ATVs, along with insurance and charity donations, and the 2019 prize giving evening. This resulted in a net loss of about £1700, but will be more when membership fees for this year are credited back to members.

5. Westonzoyland Section report for 2020.

6. Resignations, Nominations and Election of Officers and Committee

Invitation for new nominations: Invitation was posted on the website. No nomination received.

Resignations: Graham Bell stood down from his role as Treasurer but is standing to remain on the Committee.
Tony proposed taking over the role of Treasurer himself, because of his access to the online banking platform, in addition to being Chair, then create the role of 'Social Secretary' to take many of the duties of organizing events, social gatherings etc. He nominated Lee for this role. Lee agreed to this, but it was agreed that he would stand as a second 'Vice Chair', to work alongside Tony and Mike.

Resolution: To create a position of second Vice Chair.

Result: Carried unanimously

The other members of the Committee are all standing for re-election, as below.


Chairman - Tony Perham / Tony Perham / Justine / Jay

Vice-Chair - Mike Hill / Mike Hill / Tony / Richard

N/A / Lee Thompson / Mike / Tony

Club Secretary - Justine Howe / Justine Howe / Graham / Mike

Treasurer - Graham Bell / Tony Perham / Richard / Lee

Current Committee (in addition to Officers named above): -

Richard Barnham, Martyn Hill, Jason Porter. George Salter

All Club Officers and Committee members were re-elected unanimously, with the exception of George Salter, who was not available to stand.

7. Matters Arising

The Committee has discussed raising the annual membership to fee to £20. This will bring the Club more in line with other establishments and help to recoup losses during 2020. The Committee will take a vote here.

Resolution - To increase annual fee to £20
Vote: 8/0 in favour of the resolution
(Note: All fees paid for 2020 will be credited toward 2021 fees)

Result:Resolution unanimously agreed. Justine to inform Members of Membership changes.

Proposal Mike has proposed the idea of not renewing our Section 11.6 (Firearms Act) permission for the ground. The reasoning behind this is that it requires one person to take on a great deal of responsibility (i.e. Mike), but there are repercussions. Not having a permission in place means that only certificate holders may shoot at the ground and certificates would need to be shown by those not known to the Club. On the other hand, it would lessen the risk of non-certified shooters at the ground. It would also mean that coaching may no longer take place at the Club.

After a discussion by all those present, Lee Thompson offered to apply for the Section 11.6 permission in his name. Richard Barnham and Jason Porter also put their names forward. We should have a certificate in place by the start of next season under Lee's name. Coaching will no longer be available at the Club.

The above was carried on a vote of 7/0, with one abstention. .

8. Any Other Business

It was agreed to raise cartridge prices to £6 per box, as discussed during Committee meetings.

Prizes/awards - Given that no shooting took place this year, it has been decided to leave all the trophies blank.

9. 2021 DIARY (All dates are provisional until confirmed)

Pre-season Work party Saturday 27th March 2021

Shoot Season 1st April to 23rd September 2021

Social/Awards eve Saturday 30th October 2021

Christmas Shoot 5th December 2021

10. Date of next AGM 7th November 2021

11. Close of meeting at 19.55

BRIDGWATER SHOOTING CLUB - 2019 AGM on November 3rd 2019 - 12.30 pm at the Clays Club Site Hut.

Meeting opened at 12.50

Apologies for absence:
Eric Pyrah, Martyn Hill, Ed Ryle

Tony Perham, Mike Hill, Graham Bell, Lee Thompson, Justine Ison, Niamh Western, Tom Marlow, Guy Darling, Jason Porter, Keiran Porter, Malcolm Berridge, Martin Tapp, Richard Barnham, Doug Jefferies, Trevor Allen, Brian Fisher, George Salter, Ian Pickering, Martin Howe and Alan White.

1. Minutes of last meeting 04/11/18 - to be read out, approved by committee and signed by Chairman.
Tony has approved and signed the 2018 minutes.

2. Chairman's address/report for 2019.
Tony wished to thank everyone for their help during the season where it had been given. He noted that he started the season this year just before the clocks changed, leaving the first shoot a little short on time. This will be rectified for the 2020 season to give plenty of time for clearing up in the light. The emphasis for this year was to make the most of the equipment and location that we enjoy. Good comments were received regarding the 'walk-up' stand, the 'no-stand' stand and the use of the top track and it is intended to follow up with something similar next year. The average weekly member turn-out was 44, with approximately 1400 rounds completed over the season. Performance has improved across the board, with 16 different members making the honours list and several more being very close. Interclub competitions have not gone ahead this year, but may be discussed in the future. The All Round event arranged by Mike at Ling Shooting in July was very successful. The event was open to all members with prizes provided from Club funds. This will be repeated in 2020. In October we held the annual awards evening at the Globe and Memsaab restaurant, who catered for us very well compared with last year. Congratulations are given to all the prize winners. The venue for the 2020 award night is to be discussed from the middle of next season. We need to discuss how we can now encourage more juniors and can be covered in AOB.

3. Secretary's report for 2019.
Justine wished to thank everyone for their patience and apologised for only completing a minimum 12 shoots during a rather difficult year personally. Steps are hopefully in place so that she can attend a great deal more next season. Membership is down fractionally from last year but we are still strong in numbers.

4. Treasurer's report for 2019.
Finances are good and look healthy. More money has been spent on rounds, £600 more on cartridges, and membership income is up by £200, largely due to new member joining fees. Outgoing expenses are clays, cartridges and weekly payment for Niamh to do the reception position. Insurance costs were down slightly and we have spent slightly less on prizes this year, partly because we are still using the stock of medals bought previously. All profits are put back into the club for the benefit of members - put back into events (e.g. Ling All Round), awards and incentives for example. The presentation evening costs approximately £1300.

5. Westonzoyland Section report for 2019.
No news from Westonzoyland. They are now self-sufficient with the exception of sharing our insurance which makes it cheaper for both clubs.

6. Resignations, Nominations and Election of Officers and Committee

Tony reminded everybody of the expected commitment of Committee members.

Invitation for new nominations:No new nominees came forward.

Resignations:Eric has tendered his resignation from the committee forthwith.


Chairman - Tony Perham / Tony Perham / Lee Thompson / Jason Porter

Vice Chairman - Mike Hill / Mike Hill / Tony Perham / Graham Bell

Club Secretary - Justine Ison / Justine Ison / Mike Hill / Tony Perham

Treasurer - Graham Bell / Graham Bell / Justin Ison / Martin Tapp

WZ Range Officer - Roger Keen / Roger Keen / N/A / N/A

Other Committee changes -

Current Committee (in addition to Officers named above): -

Lee Thompson, George Salter, Richard Barnham, Martyn Hill, Jason Porter (Al Thompson).

The above named Committee members offered to stand again for election and were all duly elected. Al Thompson not present, so was unable to stand.

Prospective New Members -

None proposed.

7. Matters Arising

Tony to report on the Inter Club situation. Comments invited from the floor. Shooting Club have tried to suggest a few ideas to make the event more inclusive but, other clubs are not willing to change. Shipham will not be available next year as they are currently between grounds and the Westonzoyland clay shoot ground is on sale with permission to shoot. The members felt it would be refreshing to shoot at other grounds perhaps making a day/night of the event and possibly hold a simulated game day. The committee will make arrangements as they see fit.

Open a discussion on whether second rounds with the same gun will count towards scores, followed by a vote. Following a short discussion, a motion was proposed and carried that only the first round could count towards the 12-card scores (12 for and 5 against). Second rounds may be shot and will count if shooting in a different class (i.e. hammer, side-by-side etc.). All second cards shot in a different class will qualify towards the 12 card minimum.

Proposal Tony proposes to allow under 18s to join the Club in 2020 with no joining fee. It was agreed by members to charge £10 per round and to allow rounds of 25 shots for juniors on a pro-rata basis, on the proviso that not too much 'coaching' take place when others are waiting their turn at the stands. There is no need for the junior to hold their own license but a basic safety lesson is required first and a disclaimer signed by the responsible adult accompanying the child. Safeguarding should not be an issue since young shooters will be accompanied by a parent/family member. It was thought a good idea to hold a specific junior and/or ladies night. Hedley Price has donated £50 to be used towards prizes and his donation could possibly be used to fund such an event(s).

Membership reminders will be sent during the next week.

8. Any Other Business

With Eric stepping down from duties in the committee, Tony would like to ease Eric's workload further by finding an alternative webmaster(s). Eric has agreed to continue at present, but it may prudent to plan ahead and replace him slowly over 6 months. Tony may take over the role, but the aim would be to create a system, with Eric's help, that a number of people could access and edit. Ed Ryle has left a message to say that he might be in a position to help out. Jason Porter offered to help create a Facebook page for the club and update it.

Mike has secured a deal to fix the price of cartridges for next season. Since we now know what these are costing, should we fix the sale price at £5, or increase to £5.50? A vote was taken and the motion to keep the cost at £5 per box was passed by a vote of 9 for, to 5 against. Cartridges will therefore be charged at £5 per box of 25, as currently.

Charity Donations:-

The annual contribution of £200 was made to ''Cannington in Bloom' and an Annual gift of £200 also going to the 'Cannington Combined Charities'. There is a further £100 available and this will be discussed at the next meeting.

It was noted by a member that it is the same people staying behind and clearing up each week. This has been discussed in previous years and it is accepted that it is difficult to enforce and we rely on goodwill. Mike suggested that there be no fixed time to start shooting and it was agreed that either Mike or Tony will give the go-ahead to start shooting as soon as the stands etc. are ready.

For safety reasons it was agreed that the rules be changed to reflect that members must be accompanied on their round (i.e. no one buttons on their own). Therefore, a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 members may form a group to shoot together.

9. 2020 DIARY

Pre-season Work party Saturday 28th March 2020 (Provisional)

Not much ground work required so rather than the usual work party, we may target specific jobs, such as a full work through of the traps. Quad bikes will be serviced after the Xmas shoot and the trailer is being refurbished with solid leveling feet, new puncture-proof wheels and steel cage. Hitch extensions for the ball traps will be looked into (Jason Porter to enquire at Mole Valley Farmers). Brian Fisher offered to brick up the window in the club hut on 28/03/20.

Shoot Season 2nd April to 24th Sept 2020

Social/Awards eve Saturday 24th Oct 2020

Christmas Shoot Sunday 8th Dec 2020

10. Date of next (2020) AGM Sunday 1st November 2020 (preceded by shoot)

Reminder - The Christmas shoot is on Sunday 8th Dec. The Handicap Trophy, currently held by Kev Bowering will be contested. Prizes will be awarded to 10th place. Your handicaps are available on the sheet.

11. Close of meeting at 14:00hrs

BRIDGWATER SHOOTING CLUB - 2018 AGM on November 4th 2018 - 12.30 pm at the Clays Club Site Hut.

Meeting opened at 12.50

Apologies for absence:
Roger Keen

Perham, Eric Pyrah, Graham Bell, Justine Ison, Lee Thompson, Al Thompson, Richard Barnham, Martyn Hill, Jason Porter, George Salter, Chris Thompson, Dennis Marsh, Ed Ryle, Doug Jeffries, Richard Jeromson, Trevor Allen, Rob Bushrod, Bryan Fisher, Garry Shaw, Malcolm Berridge, Guy Darling.

1. Minutes of last meeting 05/11/17 - to be read out, approved by committee and signed by Chairman.
Minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed by Tony.

2. Chairman's address/report for 2018.
Tony thanked everyone for attending today and also for help throughout the year, before reporting on the years' events, including improvements in equipment, the inter Club shoots and the various social engagements, ending with the prize-giving evening. Hand over to Justine.

3. Secretary's report for 2018.
Justine reported membership of just over 90 and said that renewals may be made at the Christmas shoot or online. Membership renewal letters are to be sent out over the following week.

4. Treasurer's report for 2018.
Graham reported a reduced turnover for the year, but with lower expenditure, leading to an excess on the accounts this year. He also confirmed that renewal fees will remain unchanged, at £10.

5. Westonzoyland Section report for 2018 (if attended).
No representation was made, but Tony reported that their membership levels remain at around 30.

6. Resignations, Nominations and Election of Officers and Committee
Invitation for new nominations: No new nominations were made.
Resignations:There were no resignations. All current Officers and Committee members agreed to stand for election again.


Chairman - Tony Perham / Tony Perham / Justine / Graham

Vice Chairman - Mike Hill / Mike Hill / Tony / Lee

Club Secretary - Justine Ison / Justine Ison / Jason / Malcolm

Treasurer - Graham Bell / Graham Bell / Al / Tony

WZ Range Officer - Roger Keen / Roger Keen / N/A / N/A
(the Westonzoyland Range has its own committee and elects its own officers)

Other Committee changes -

Current Committee (in addition to Officers named above): -

Eric Pyrah (Webmaster), Alistair Thompson, Martyn Hill, Richard Barnham, Lee Thompson, Jason Porter, George Salter
All the above Officers and Committee members were elected with no objections.

Prospective New Members -

No new proposals

7. Matters Arising

Proposal by Tony to suggest a change to Inter Club shoot format:

Possibility of having a one-day 'Championship' at a neutral ground, on a Saturday.

In order to address the low attendance at Inter Club shoots, Tony asked the floor if there could be a way to encourage better participation. He proposed the idea of asking the other Clubs if they would be interested in holding a one-day 'Championship', held at a neutral ground.

Comments from the floor -
After an open discussion, a vote was taken to determine whether a change to the current format should be made. It was unanimously agreed that members did not wish to continue with the current system and Tony was asked to approach the other Clubs to discuss options.

It was also suggested that we could investigate other Clubs in the area. Tony asked for details of any Clubs that members wished to approach.

8. Any Other Business

Charity Donations:-

The annual contribution of £200 was made to 'Cannington in Bloom'.
Annual gift of £200 also to the 'Cannington Combined Charities'.
A further £100 'donation' made to the 'Air Ambulance', through Justine's sponsorship.

Proposal by Martin Tapp to consider a donation to the Scanner Appeal at Musgrove

This will be discussed by Committee next year. It was generally agreed that this would be a good cause.

Guy Darling asked if we could put on a practice stand more frequently next year. It was agreed that we could manage this most weeks, now that we have sufficient traps and controllers (weather/time permitting). In order to prevent the stand being accidentally shot as part of the layout, it was proposed and agreed that the controller for that stand could be kept on the desk until a practice round is purchased and returned immediately after shooting the stand.

Eric Pyrah suggested looking into the possibility of purchasing a defibrillator to use at the Club. Although the initial feeling was that it would be very expensive, Bryan Fisher found a number of models that would be more affordable. Tony agreed that we could do more research into their use, effectiveness and practicality and will discuss at the New Year Committee meeting, before the start of next season.

9. 2019 DIARY

Pre-season Work party Saturday 23rd March 2019

Shoot Season 28th March to 19th Sept 2019

Social/Awards eve Saturday 26th Oct 2019 Venue to be agreed

Christmas Shoot Sunday 8th Dec 2019

10. Date of next (2019) AGM Sunday 3rd November 2019 (preceeded by shoot)

Reminder - The Christmas shoot is on the 2nd Dec. The Handicap Trophy, currently held by Chris Thompson will be contested. Prizes will be awarded to 10th place. Your handicaps are available on the sheet.

Eric will publish details of the Christmas shoot, along with the handicaps, on the website.

11. Close of meeting: Tony closed the meeting at 13.45

BRIDGWATER SHOOTING CLUB - Pre-Season meeting, Blackmore Farm, 21st Feb 2018 @ 19.00


The following topics will be discussed with the aim of providing the best experience over the current shoot season: -

1. Membership renewals

Has the new renewal procedure been successful?

The Committee feels that the new methods of reminding members to renew their subscriptions worked well and will be adopted again this year.

How much leeway do we allow this year for late renewal?

It was agreed that no penalties will be applied to any member renewing up to the 4th shoot of the year (19th April).

2. Plans for start of season

Work party - New stands

In addition to general maintenance, a new permanent stand will be built further up the track from the existing stands.

Materials to purchase beforehand

Timber for new stand to be on site prior to work party.

Any further ideas

Afternoon set-up is to revert to the 2pm start time.

3. Weekly shoots

Are we happy with check-in procedures?

It is felt that the current check-in is working satisfactorily. We would ask that membership or other matters are dealt with after all shooters are registered, to prevent queuing.

Improving flow around ground

We wish to ask members to respect a group limit of 6 shooters to prevent blocking of stands. A notice will be displayed to remind members.

All late or second rounds are to be completed starting near the storage container and moving further away as each stand is completed.

Layouts - variation, difficulty

Layouts will continue along the same lines as previously, trying to incorporate as much interest and variation as possible and with no more than 1 tough stand per week. We shall try to make all stands shootable by an average shooter.

Can we do anything better?

Nothing further offered.

4. Equipment improvements


We need to look into sorting out the frustrating electrical issues with the old Chondel/looper trap. We are looking at a possible trade-up to a new model.

The three metal cages are to be adapted for ease of assembly/adjustment.

5. Caps/merchandise

Styles - choose

The Committee looked at samples of sports caps with the Club logo applied and chose a style for the first order. These will be made available to all, at a cost of £10 each.

Place order - how many for first batch?

A first order for 50 caps has been placed with JisonS Embroidery

Use of club logo (and charge for doing so)

Justine is happy to supply any other garment or item with personalized embroidery. Any member wishing to add the Club logo to their own item of clothing, gun-slip etc. will be charged £2 for use of the image. All other charges are set by Justine directly.

6. Any other business

Close of meeting at 21.05

Present at meeting: Tony, Mike, Justine, Graham, Eric, Richard, Martyn, George, Lee

BRIDGWATER SHOOTING CLUB - 2017 AGM on November 5th 2017 - 12.30 pm at the Clays Club Site Hut.

Meeting Commenced at approximately 13.00

Apologies for absence.

George Allen, Mike Hill, Roger Keen, Al Thompson

1. Minutes of last meeting 06/11/16 - to be read out, approved by committee and signed by Chairman.
The 2016 minutes were not available but it was agreed by all in in attendance that no issues were raised that needed addressing. Minutes were therefore approved.

2. Chairman's address/report for 2017.
Tony reported on the year's shooting, highlighting the increased attendance, the re-branding of the Club and the introduction of the Club badges, the success of the introduction of the new safety rules and the results of competitions and social events.

3. Secretary's report for 2017.
Justine reported that Clay Club now has exactly 100 members. Of these, 21 were new members. Justine intends to re-number all members as applications are received and leave the Westonzoyland members to their own committee. Finally, Justine asked members if they were happy with how the 'desk' had been operated throughout the year and said that Niamh may not be available as much next year, in which case she would cover the desk herself.

4. Treasurer's report for 2017.
Graham reports our main expenditure on clays and cartridges at around £7,500, with total income significantly higher. However, with over £7,000 spent on upgrading traps and control equipment, the annual accounts show a net deficit of £1,003.60. Despite the negative income this year, he stated that the Club is healthy and solvent.

5. Westonzoyland Section report for 2017.
In the absence of a WZ representative, Tony read a report submitted by Roger Keen. Roger reports that the WZ half of the Club had decided to form its own committee to run all affairs at the range independently from the rest of the Club. He stated that he has arranged new Home Office approvals for both himself and the shooting range for the next 5 year period. They have also opened their own bank account to handle their own finances. The WZ Range currently retains 34 members. Roger thanked Tony and Justine for their help with his new post and finally extended an invitation to all members to visit one of their Guest days, to be held on the last Sunday of each month. Details will be made available on the notice board.

6. Resignations, Nominations and Election of Officers and Committee Anybody wishing to put themselves or another forward for any of the roles below are asked to do so now. NB Their roles and responsibilities should be understood prior to voting.


Chairman - Tony Perham / Tony Perham / Graham Bell / Jason Porter

Vice Chairman - Mike Hill / Mike Hill / Tony Perham / Eric Pyrah

Club Secretary - Justine Ison / Justine Ison / Malcolm Berridge / Kev Bowering

Treasurer - Graham Bell / Graham Bell / Lee Thompson / Justine Ison

WZ Range Officer - Roger Keen / Roger Keen / WZ Committee / WZ Committee

Other Committee changes -

Current Committee (in addition to Officers named above): -

Eric Pyrah (Webmaster); Alistair Thompson; Martyn Hill; Richard Barnham; Lee Thompson; Jason Porter; George Salter

Prospective New Members -

No new committee members were proposed, so voting took place to re-elect all standing members, who were all elected unanimously.

7. Matters Arising -

The following matters were reported and discussed: -

All Club documents now published on website
New safety policies have been adopted for 2017

Following a request from the landowner, we now have a formal, annual license under which we operate
It is reported that G Bell is the signatory for the license and that no fee is payable. A question was asked as to whether the license could be rescinded at any time and Tony confirmed that, as before, that is still the case. Graham mentioned that he had met the quarry manager at the ground and he was happy with his visit.
Tony added that in addition to the Risk Assessment, Safety Policy and Insurance records, he also records weekly layouts, in order to provide full accountability if required.

Proposals for new membership payment options
Details were given on payment methods available from the Christmas shoot onwards. All members will be made aware of the arrangements in a letter to be sent out by email during November.

Westonzoyland Range

1 All matters concerning WZ Range are now dealt with by their own eleccted committee

2 We will continue to share insurance and will retain a section on the website for WZ to use if they wish (at present, just a brief description and contact details)

Clay Section

Due to increased attendance, start time has been brought forward to 17:00. This has helped to ease the congestion on busy nights.
The question as to whether there are any restrictions was raised. There are no noise restrictions that we are aware of, but is agreed that we do not wish to cause any nuisance.

Charity Donations:-

We have now pledged to make an annual contribution of £200 to "Cannington In Bloom"

We also wish to make an annual gift of £200 to the "Cannington Combined Carities"
No objections were received to these proposals


Proposal for rewarding course setters and clearers
It was agreed that such a reward scheme would be a fair proposal. Exact details to be worked out by committee.

Christmas Shoot on 3rd December. Handicap shield to be contested by anyone with a handicap (12 cards)
Handicaps already published and available on website.

Dave Weston asked whether we could have more 'flush shooting days'. Due to the restriction on shoot days, we do not have any further days available, but Tony agreed that we could try to incorporate more 'flush stands' into the weekly shoots next season.

Richard Barnham asked if we could dedicate more side-by-side shoots throughout the season. This will need to be explored further, as such a shoot reduces the number of shoots available for 'normal' scoring, but only if we exclude those shoots as we did this year. The purpose of the 2017 s-b-s shoot was to make it sufficiently easy that to include over/under shooters would unfairly distort the scoring and therefore discourage participation in the s-b-s shoot. The only exception to this was to allow ladies scores to count. Proposals for the 2018 season will be discussed by committee.

Kev Bowering asked if any 2nd rounds, or late shooters can start their round at one end (probably the end nearest to Cannington village) in order to aid clear-up. It was agreed that those who shoot a second round should be asked (as previously) to help with picking up. It was also suggested that we could provide more baskets or boxes for picking up clays. This will be dealt with before the start of next season.

9. 2018 DIARY (for website & membership renewal invitation letters)
The following dates were proposed for next year

Pre-season Work party Saturday 24th March 2018

Shoot Season 29th March to 20th Sept 2018

Social/Awards eve Saturday 27th Oct 2018 Venue to be agreed

Christmas Shoot Sunday 2nd Dec 2018

10. Date of next (2018) AGM, Sunday 4th November 2018 (preceeded by shoot)

11. Close of meeting at 14.07

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