Bridgwater Shooting Club

Safety Policy


This written statement will be on display on the website and in the Club Hut and should be read by all shooters, spectators and scorers.

At least one CPSA trained Safety Officer will be available at each shoot. This person will be responsible for the safe layout of all traps and stands.

All shooters are required to halt shooting if a dangerous situation arises and not to resume until clearance is given by the Safety Officer. Each stand shall be equipped with a horn with which a signal may be sounded. One blast will signal that all shooting must cease. Resumption of shooting will take place on three blasts of the air horn.

Scorers/shooters will halt the shoot by the sounding of the horn to allow the passing of any person that wishes to cross the ground via the footpath. Resumption of shooting will take place on three blasts of the horn.

A portable first aid box will be kept in the clubhouse where it can be easily located.

The shoot organizers will maintain public and employer's liability in respect of all shooting events.
Traps may only be attended by a trained Club Official. In the event that any trap requires attendance or filling, please inform any member of the shoot committee, identified with a yellow armband.
ALL shooters AND spectators MUST wear hearing and eye protection when at the shoot, with the exception of the area immediately surrounding the Club Hut. Eye and ear protection will be available for loan from the Club hut for those who are not suitably equipped. The use of head protection is STRONGLY ADVISED but is the sole responsibility of individual shooters.

All guns will be required to be kept open and unloaded except when sleeved, or within an enclosure and ready to shoot. Semi-autos will be sleeved, or flagged with an auto-safe when not in use AND MUST BE FLAGGED BEFORE LEAVING ANY SHOOTING STAND.

All cartridges used at Cannington Shoot will have a maximum load of 28 grams (1oz) and a maximum shot size No 6 (and of a fibre wad construction only). Self-loaded cartridges are not permitted.
Coloured tape will be used to define an unsafe zone where there is possible danger of falling debris or shot. At no times will this be crossed unless shooting has been halted. All shooters and spectators must make every effort to pass between shooting stands on the most direct routes in order to avoid straying into an unsafe area.

No trap will be set so as to allow spent clays, hit fragments, or broken clays from the trap, to fall into the safety zone.

Hearing and eye protection will be available at the club house for spectators and public.
All shooting enclosures will be positioned so as not to allow the gun to point easily in any direction except the intended line of fire.

All firing positions will have a stable flooring to minimize the risk of slipping or tripping.

BSC March 2017

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