Bridgwater Shooting Club
Bridgwater Shooting Club

Local Weather Forecasts

Here are some weather forecasts for the area to give you a general idea of what to expect.

Click for:-
Met Office Forecast for Cannington
24hr Forecast from Metcheck:-
Metcheck Forecast

Please note that we try our best to shoot in all weathers; the exceptions being when the traps may be endangered, if there is a perceived safety risk, if we are unable to reach the shooting ground, or there is a threat that we may get stranded there!

Local Weather Conditions

Here are some local weather stations to give you an idea of the current conditions around the area.
NB Some may not display correctly as WeatherUnderground is having problems. It was ok before IBM took over - when I was working IBM stood for It's Being Mended - seems like nothing's changed!

Weather Underground PWS IBRIDGWA17

Weather Underground PWS ISTOCKLA2

Weather Underground PWS IOVERSTO3

Weather Underground PWS ISOMERSE29

Weather Underground PWS ISOMERSE70

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