Bridgwater Shooting Club

Bridgwater Shooting Club Constitution

  1. Aims and Purpose

    Bridgwater Shooting Club, hereinafter called 'The Club', shall exist to encourage the skill and competence with firearms, which may be of benefit to the Crown if so needed. To promote and foster the interest in firearms heritage of Great Britain and the preservation of vintage and antique weapons and ammunition.

  2. Club Structure

    The Club shall consist of two independent sections: Cannington Clays and Westonzoyland Rifle Range. Each section shall be responsible for its own running, the Westonzoyland section having its own appointed Range Officer, but shall exist under the single banner of 'Bridgwater Shooting Club'. The Range Officer shall be the point of liaison between The Club and the Home Office or the Firearms Licensing Bureau for all matters relating to the Westonzoyland section. Although existing on separate sites, both sections are insured as one Club. Each section shall endeavour to support the other for as long as each remains viable. The Club Committee shall have overall responsibility for any changes to the rules or running of both sections of The Club.

  3. Affiliations

    The Club is not currently affiliated to any body but this may change as deemed appropriate in the future.

  4. Council Composition

    The Club shall be managed by the following officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Westonzoyland Range Officer and up to four other Committee members. The Committee shall have full power to co-opt members for the running and well being of The Club. A quorum shall consist of at least four Committee members.

  5. The Club year will run from 1st January to 31st December annually.

  6. A Committee meeting shall be called in the first six weeks of the current year, when accounts will be presented and policy for the ensuing year will be discussed. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall take place near the end of each season at which Committee members may be decided for the following year and at which other matters may be discussed. Club accounts shall be presented at this AGM. Other meetings may be called at any time when deemed necessary.

  7. All shooting shall be governed by The Club rules and regulations. All participating shooters and spectators are responsible for respecting and adhering to these rules.

  8. Range and Club Rules

    A set of Range and Club Rules will be available to every member.

  9. Membership (Clays ground)

  1. Membership fees must be paid by 1st January to remain a member for the coming year, though new members may join at any time throughout the year. No person may shoot as a member, or enjoy other membership rights unless all due fees are paid in full. If a member fails to pay renewal fees by the due date, it shall be at the discretion of the Committee whether to allow that member to continue membership without paying the joining fee. At any rate all fees MUST be paid by 31st January or Membership will automatically lapse.

  1. Safety

    It shall be the responsibility of every shooter or other participant to conduct themselves in a safe and proper manner at all times when using either of the premises. Every person on the premises shall take special care when using any property or equipment belonging to The Club to prevent damage of said property or equipment and to ensure the safety of other site users. Any serious misuse or negligence may result in expulsion from The Club, or financial consequences, at the discretion of The Club Committee.

  2. Removal from the Roll of Members

    The Committee may remove from the Roll, any member whose conduct at The Club shooting ground or upon any premises occupied by The Club or elsewhere, is considered unsafe, unseemly, objectionable, or calculated to bring The Club into disrepute. Further, any member, who by their actions, cause The Club to suffer financial loss such as, but not limited to, loss or damage to traps or equipment, loss or damage to Club trophies, or damage to other Club property needed to carry out the normal operation of Club activities, may lose their membership entitlement. Such member shall have no claim against or on The Club for any subscription or monies paid.

  3. Winding up of The Club.

    In the event that The Club is unable to continue operations for any reason and needs to be wound up, then all assets remaining after the settling of any liabilities shall be distributed to charities appointed by the current committee members. In the event that The Club should lose access to the shooting ground, then all assets shall be held for a minimum of three years whilst alternative accommodation is sought. If, after this period, The Club is unable to secure a ground on which to operate, then the assets shall be distributed as outlined above. In the disposal of assets, any equipment owned by The Club may be offered in the first instance to existing Club members. Any remaining equipment shall be disposed of on the open market.

Amended December 2021

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